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The Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association (AzHHA) is a statewide trade association representing hospitals, healthcare systems, affiliated health organizations, and the patients and communities they serve. With a mission of sustaining and improving the health of Arizonans, AzHHA supports its members by providing advocacy, education and services.
Douglas Medical Complex holds grand-opening | 10/6/2015
Three years in the making, the Copper Queen Douglas Medical Complex held its grand-opening ceremony on Oct. 1, followed by a community fun day on Oct. 2. The new complex is an extension of the Copper Queen Medical Associates clinic located at 100 W. Fifth Street, under the wing of Copper Queen Community Hospital (CQCH) in Bisbee. New additions include Douglas Quick Care which provides acute, su...
Breast cancer screening and treatment | 10/6/2015
Women in Prescott have many choices when looking for a place to get a mammogram, and limited places to go for some treatments, such as certain types of radiation or if the need for a mastectomy with reconstructive surgery is necessary. Education about what a woman's options are is imperative, however. Nancy Ledoyen, director of the Breast Care Center at Yavapai Regional Medical Center (YRMC),...
Boot Out Breast Cancer | 10/6/2015
With October being Breast Cancer Month, it's no surprise that there are quite a few efforts to raise awareness and raise funds in the name of combatting the disease. Most efforts are in support of Yavapai County Regional Medical Center's Breast Care Center, but some raise funds to directly help and support those with Breast Cancer. Executive Director of Community Outreach for the Breast Canc...
New partnership to revive Tubac clinic Nogales International | 10/5/2015
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KRMC offers lung cancer screening Bullhead City Mohave Valley Daily News | 10/3/2015
KINGMAN â€" Kingman Regional Medical Center is offering a test that can detect lung cancer early, when treatment is most effective. The test involves a painless low-dose computed tomography scan (called low-dose CT or LDCT) that produces detailed images of the lungs and airways. Lung cancer is the nationâ€(tm)s leading cancer killer â€" taking the lives of more people each year than breast, colon...


On June 13, 2013, the Arizona State Legislature agreed on the final details of legislation restoring Proposition 204 coverage and expanding the state's Medicaid program to other "working poor" Arizonans, and Governor Jan Brewer signed the legislative package into law June 17. The new law builds the new coverage into Arizona's successful AHCCCS program and relies on a hospital assessment to leverage the federal funds necessary to make the package financially work without a major new investment from Arizona taxpayers.

It is a major policy achievement–in particular for those Arizonans who are uninsured, or who would be if scheduled coverage rollbacks went into effect. This human need, more than anything else, is why this Association, and so many hospitals across the state, supported and worked to pass this legislation as the most important healthcare issue before the State Legislature in 30 years.

It also is an important development for the overall healthcare field, adding new funding to the system after several years of stress related to the economic decline in the nation and state. For many of our hospitals, it is a major aid–not because of any financial windfall, but rather because it will help tamp down rapidly rising uncompensated care costs. This was particularly important as hospitals face the scheduled implementation of funding cuts related to Medicare.

AzHHA thanks and commends Governor Brewer and the many legislators on both sides of the aisle who stood up to take action for what is best for Arizona. Also to be recognized are the Arizona Chamber of Commerce, the several issue coalitions that formed around this proposal, and the hundreds of organizations that came together over the course of the past session to unite in working toward passage–including, of course, our member hospitals, their leaders and able staff!

Thank you, all!

Greg Vigdor
President and Chief Executive Officer




New healthcare pricing transparency law to take effect december 31st

The Legislature this past legislative session approved HB 2045, which included language requiring hospitals and healthcare providers to post the prices for their most commonly used procedures by December 31, 2013. To help hospitals comply with the new law, AzHHA hired legal counsel to prepare a compliance memo.

Please note that this memo is only intended to help guide you in the implementation of the new law, but we highly recommend that each hospital still consult with your own legal counsel.

Please contact AzHHA's Government Affairs for any additional information.